The Rebrand

2020 was full of many things. It was a year to stay home, reflect, learn, and find things within ourselves that we may not have known were already there. Like many I decided to start a new business. I know, I know, who would start a business during a pandemic. Well I did and it was one of the greatest decisions I have made. After being a hobbyist maker for over a decade, Lola Candle Co. officially launched in October 2020, featuring several scents, jars, and cotton wicks. We offered minimal packaging, labeling, and focused on finding what scents our customers preferred. We followed our initial launch with our holiday collection, that featured crackling wooden wicks, and we fell in love with them. After a pretty success 4th quarter of 2020, we decided that in 2021 we would be ready to perfect our branding, marketing, and really scale our business to a new level. We selected our top scents to be featured as our signature collection, switched to Wooden Wicks through our entire line, designed a chic new label that fits our brand personality, and invested heavily in the things needed to grow. We are already working on some special releases for summer and Holiday 2021. Big things are to come and I'm so glad that you get to witness our brand evolve. We are continuing with our charitable efforts, donating a % of each sale to local animal rescue. We hope to be able to expand our efforts to nationwide rescues as well. Stay tuned for more blogs, details about our YouTube channel, and of course are 2021 restock on Monday, February 15th!